About the Author

The Ficstructor is a writer and editor who works at a nice university he never in a million years thought would hire him.

He reads books that are sometimes very long and which take him a longer than average time to read.  He only knows this because when his writer friends give him books to read, they ask for them back when he’s only a quarter of the way through.  Then he has to make excuses.

The Ficstructor also writes stories.  Literary stories because he once tried to write genre fiction and found it excruciating in the way difficult things can be excruciatingly hard to do.  Now he writes stories with zero plot so he can call himself literary.  To some literary means unemployable.  He would love to learn how to write plot.  He’s been studying graphic novels because he’s durn sure they do it well.  He also watches a lot of TV, who are masterful at it.  He still doesn’t get it.

The Ficstructor is the roaming fiction editor for a Canadian magazine, but he’s not even a Canadian.  He’s also an editor for an online zine.  Somehow he has published stories in literary magazines that at least one person has called respectable.  The Pushcart people–if you know who they are–even special-mentioned his ass.  Recently, he had a story appear in Best American Nonrequired Reading.  His stories sound nothing like his blog because blog-writing for him has come to be the place where he expunges his writerly self of all the cynical mojo that ruins good writing in the first place.  Then he feels like he can get to the real nitty gritty.  He’s not sure what to think about this.  Sometimes he’s surprised at what the expunging looks like at the end.  Sometimes he’s surprised at what the nitty gritty looks like at the end.  Sometimes he can’t tell the difference between either because he won’t ever understand process.

The Ficstructor spends ungodly amounts of time playing flash games and watching stupid movies while playing flash games.  It makes him feel miserable.  Other times he plays video games while listening to podcasts.  That makes him feel less bad.

He sometimes reads the headlines on NYTimes.com.

His wife wants him to speak more.  He does his best.

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