“This book gave me cancer.”
~ Adolf Oliver Busch, author of The Unbearable Heaviness of Being Me

“I was told there would be more hardcore nudity.”
~ Dr. Fitzgerald Simmons

“These graphics suck!  Why can’t I go play video games?  You’re not my real dad!”
~ Jayden Fletcher, 2nd runner-up Ms. Swenson’s 3rd grade spelling bee, probably kicked your ass on Xbox Live last night

“What are you looking at?”
~ Ox Owens, poet

“The yellow circle is to caution you that there are no pictures in this book.”
~ Joe Caruso, editor, Squirrel Fancy Review

“It’s an anti-men’s liberation piece of shit.”
~ Michael and Thomas Schwammer Professor of Gender and Equality Studies at Hansei University, Dr. Christopher Doll, author of King Ding-A-Ling: An Exploration of Anti-Homosexual Rhetoric in the Works of Oscar Wilde

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